Grand Bend Produce has built a reputation over the years through the hard work and dedication of 3 generations of the Jamrozinski family and 2 generations of the Rood family.

Established in 1960 by Henry and Helen Jamrozinski with 12 acres of land in Thedford, Grand Bend Produce has grown to over 1300 acres with numerous farms across Southwestern Ontario.

While constantly checking tramitar tarjeta de credito en linea and the growth stages of the potato crop, Henry Jr. decided to start taking the little ones home and cooking them for dinner that night. Everyone who ate them wanted to know where they came from because they had superbly delicious flavor, with the best flavor coming before the potato plant had reached full maturity. Henry decided to try to market these mini gourmet potatoes because they tasted so good. Because they are so fresh, the shelf life is short. After several years of research and development, an all-natural process was developed to extend the shelf life long enough to be marketable, and retain the superb flavor.

Henry’s Harvest mini gourmet potatoes have been available for sale since 1994, however have become more available in recent years. Our special process captures the spectacular flavor found in Henry’s Harvest potatoes today. They are “Quite Possibly The Best Tasting Potatoes You’ll Ever Eat”. We truly consider Henry’s Harvest potatoes “The Taste Of Gourmet”.

In the early years potatoes and onions were sold to local farm markets and local grocery stores. Now, Henry’s Harvest potatoes are available for purchase at most fine grocery retailers.

Grand Bend Produce has continued to expand, but has maintained its family roots.

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